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First, Tell us little about your business:

What is your businesses' name and entity type?

Examples of Entity type: Sole proprietorship, Partnership, S Corp, etc.
What does your business do?

Some Technical Questions.

Which accounting software are you currently using?

Do you need help choosing a cloud-based accounting software?

And on to the Services you require from a bookkeeper!

How often would you like your accounts reconciled? *

How often would you like to see your reports? *

What Services would you like Brittany's Bookkeeping to preform? *

Please keep in mind next question asks which services you intend to perform yourself.

What Services would you like to preform? *

If you have employees, how many, and how are they currently paid?

What products do you use? Paychex?  ADP?  TSheets? Do you like this product?
And now for some accounting questions!

How many accounts and account types do you have? *

One Checking Account reconciled last week, a Checking and a Credit Account reconciled two months ago?
Are there any outstanding issues with your reconciled accounts? *

Outstanding transactions? Balance issues?
Have you spent personal money on business expenses that are not recorded in the books? *

Liability accounts balances? Are we missing any credit cards or loans? *

Do the business have any open credit that is not accounted for? If yes, please describe. (Note: Need the information to accurately assess how much work would be required to fix books)
When did you last file your taxes? *

An estimate is okay.
And last but not least, some personal questions!

Don't worry not too personal :)
Do you have a budget?

If yes, please provide further. I'd like to stay within your budget.
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